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Brek Manufacturing receives the Quality Hero Award
Tuesday, October 1, 2002
Brek Manufacturing, Gardena California, is being nominated for the Supplier Quality Award based upon the following criterion:

Quality and Schedule Ratings of 99.40and 99.85 respectively based on current C-17 SPMS data. Brek has diligently delivered various C-17 machine parts (?Under floor Bulkheads, troop door, slats, flaps, floor planks, and a variety of other 3c4c and 5 axis machine parts per our production schedules. Their performance in quality and delivery has consistently been at a Silver rating or higher for several years running and a true accomplishment given the complexity and manufacturing challenges presented to them on a constant basis.

Preferred Supplier Status. Brek is rated as Silver rated Preferred Supplier not only to the C-17 program, but also across all of Boeing, which includes the Boeing Commercial groups, as well as multiple Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) sites. A true testament to their commitment to continuous improvement and consistent high performance.

Continuous Process Improvements: Brek is proactive in submitting a variety of cost improvement suggestions (material cut size changes, kiting suggestions, and tolerance enhancements) to various users. Many of their ideas were incorporated allowing for reduced manufacturing lead-times, set ups, and cost reductions.

Continuously Monitors Subtier Suppliers. Brek is constantly reviewing their supplier base to assure that their sources of supply are providing the most cost-effective materials, detail parts, and services. In addition, Brek works very closely with raw material and processing suppliers to ensure on-time deliveries of quality hardware.

Implement Lean Methods and Practices. Brek has adopted Lean Manufacturing techniques and constantly looks at ways to reduce machining hours, unnecessary set-ups, and reductions in assembly hours. Brek continually looks to upgrade capabilities, capacities, and machinery as required to accommodate customer demands. Brek has worked closely with C-17 engineering on various projects and consistently works to be one of the leaders amongst the supply base in all areas of expertise.
What's New
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Brek Manufacturing is recognized as Emergent Supplier of the Year for Spirit AeroSystems
Brek Manufacturing is recognized as Emergent Supplier of the Year for Spirit AeroSystems
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Brek has purchased two Zimmermann FZH 400 machines