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Monolithic Machining  
Monolithic Machining
With High Speed Machining Techniques developed by Brek, complex assemblies such as these can be redesigned into one-piece monolithic machined parts. This method of machining has eliminated thousands of hours required for the assembly process.

  - Elimination of large die and hand forgings
  - Elimination of extrusions with long lead times
  - Elimination of all tooling (forging dies, extrusions dies, mill fixtures, stretch form blocks, hydro blocks, router tools, heat treat fixtures)
  - Elimination of assembly tools and the drilling and installation of over a thousand fasteners per bulkhead
  - Immediate Cost Savings!
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Brek Manufacturing Company receives Boeing Excellence in Advocacy Award
Brek today announced that it has received a Boeing Excellence in Advocacy Award for 2016
Brek has purchased two Makino MAG3-EX machines
We are pleased to announce that Brek has purchased two Makino MAG3-EX machines. The machines will be installed and operational in December 2015 and May 2016.